Why Eminence Building is a Must

So you’re reading an article or web surfing. You notice a competitor being quoted or published and wonder who died and made him or her the big expert. After all, you know at least as much as that bozo does.
You wonder why your name or firm does not come up higher on web searches like your competitors do.
The biggest reason, chances are, is because they have been building eminence for their brand while you wait around being discovered. “Oh,” you say, “I am not one to toot my own horn.”
Well, if you are not going to do it, who will?
Thanks to the Internet, for better or worse, what comes up on a search engine when someone types in your name gives people an impression of you. Googling someone is now second nature for finding potential employees or learning more about them, screening suitable mates and discovering sometimes amazing personal information people actually volunteer to the world.
With eminence building, you and your reputation are in the driver’s seat. For it is you (with a little help) who can position yourself as important, influential or distinguished.
Building eminence means learning the secrets of publishing. Really, what is the Internet but an endless publishing vehicle?
I have published more than 500 articles over than two decades under my name and hundreds of pages on behalf of others. I know how publishing works. I know why a piece is published and why hundreds of queries end up in the recycle bin.
I guide clients to write meaningful content written in a journalistic style that busy editors find irresistible. That’s because I honor editors by knowing and understanding their needs and sending them quality content free of propaganda. Material is presented pre-edited in journalistic style to increase chances of publishing.
I usually start with the trade press because material picked up by another source has higher credibility. Either way, the material can be re-purposed for print and electronic media on the web, in enewsletters, blogs and more!
As a result, my clients have successfully attracted and retained clients. They continue to reap the benefits of material published nearly a decade ago. They are often seen at seminars or quoted in the trade press and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars as a direct result of our efforts.
And, believe it or not, my approach is much less expensive than advertising — and it gets better and more meaningful results.
Thanks to the Internet, for better or worse,
search engine results associated
with your name gives people an impression of you.
How to build eminence? For starters, consider your audience. Consider their pain points, which I discussed in my blog dated October 25, 2010. Contemplate how your expertise can rock their worlds. Then offer them your brilliance: expertise, innovative ideas and/or solutions in the written word.
Yes, this approach can take a lot of work and time, but the benefits of producing awesome content is worth the investment. Here are my top 10 reasons to build eminence with publishing (with apologies to David Letterman):
1) Having something to talk about during cocktail hour.
2) Making your mother proud.
3) Fine-tuning your critical thinking and communications skills.
4) Justifying your existence to maintain employment.
5) Gaining credibility as a thought leader and/or expert.
6) Getting more “hits” on search engines.
7) Garnering speaking engagements.
8) Helping your kids, or that person you want to impress, think you are famous, important and deserving of respect.
9) Being highly regarded by potential clients, management and colleagues.
10) Providing your co-workers with something to tease you about.
Got a question or need a solution? Write me at annnmarie@lipoldcommunications.com.

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