Why I Never Miss Election Day


The following is an editorial I wrote during my freshman year at Ohio University when I was a staff writer for The Post, Ohio University’s independent student newspaper. I wrote this during the Cold War, just before President Ronald Reagan challenged Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, to tear down the Berlin Wall.
I hope you enjoy this and that it encourages you to vote.–Annmarie
Headline: Maybe Next Year
By Annmarie L. Geddes, Staff Writer
I wanted to vote.
Really, I did.
Ever since I was old enough to know the difference between a Democrat and a Republican, daddy would peer up at me as he cut his steak and say, “It’s your American right. It’s what sets us apart from the communists.”
So here I am, 18; legally old enough to vote. I registered. I was psyched. I studied the issues, decided on my candidates, and walked into Nelson Commons. I was ready.
I proudly proclaimed my name, expecting verification.
I didn’t get it.
“What’s your name again?” “Annmarie Geddes,” I told her. I could not believe this was happening to me. “I don’t see your name Miss Geddes,” she said.
I stood there as three people went through files and register cards. But no dice. She smiled and asked me to come back.
Well, I wanted to vote, so I came back.
They remembered me this time. “Would it make you feel any better if I told you you’re not the only one?” some guy asked me.
“No,” I told him, “I want to vote.”
“Well, if you are not registered, you can’t.”
“But I did register.” I said.
“In front of Bentley (Hall), on the way to my political science class.”
There was silence. The lady appeared apologetic, “I’ll call the board of elections and see what we can do. I am sorry, but that’s all we can do.” I walked away disappointed.
See, I know the importance of voting. Not because of the “See how your vote counts, Andrew (Johnson) missed impeachment by one vote” propaganda. But back home, I worked in city government. I have even helped with campaigning. I should have had the right to vote because I took time investigating the issues.
So now I am supposed to wait for a letter from the board of elections. But the election is over. I suppose they will let me vote twice next year.
Maybe that’s not so bad because that way I can vote on both sides. And my voice won’t count.
Just like this year.

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