Quick Blog Writing Tips

Here’s some quick, random blogging tips:

1)   Be consistent. Have a blogging schedule and stick to it.

2)   Don’t wear out your welcome. Many experts say you should blog as much as possible to get your company name in front of people, but you don’t want your audience to get sick of you.

3)   Always have evergreen blogs you can run in case of emergency.*

4)   Keep a list of topics to cover. Many of my best topics come from conversations with other professionals.

5)   Never publish a blog without printing it first to make sure it is right. You will be amazed at what you will find when your words are jumping out from a piece of paper.

6)   Read your blog out loud to catch mistakes.

7)   Then read it backwards, starting with the last sentence. It will help you focus on each sentence.

8)   After you proofread your content, highlight key words for tagging to boost traffic.

9)   Highlight any words where you can install links. If you mention a company, for example, put a link there. This is also traffic boosting device.

10)  Write authentically for people, not search engines.  Both seem to know the difference.

* With today being the first truly beautiful day of spring in Washington, D.C., I must go for a walk!

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