Annmarie’s 9 Habits of Highly Efficient (or Productive) People

My sister shared an article on the “8 Habits of Highly Productive People” on her Facebook page. Knowing I am an efficient and productive person, she asked if I would be blogging on the topic. The article offers some good advice, but my tips are different and arguably better.

Here they are:

1. Sleep. The experts say that most of us need 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep per night. I generally need about 7 to 9 hours regularly. Without adequate sleep, it’s hard for me to concentrate. I also find myself over caffeinating or craving unhealthy carbohydrates.

Besides, going without sleep lowers your attention span and immune system  — definite productivity killers. Neglecting adequate sleep can lead to cancer and heart disease, researchers say, definitely affecting future productivity.

2. Exercise. It boosts your immune system, heightens attention span and provides an energy boost

3. Purge. The more you have, the more you have to manage. Make it a point to spend some time each week to go through your office. Delete old emails and old versions of files. Get rid of paper copies of stuff you already have on your computer, which, of course, is backed up regularly.

And all that stuff around your house? You don’t need most of it. Parade just published a good article on this topic.

4. Watch less TV. I’m too busy for television and so are you. You have a life, live it. Most stuff produced by Hollywood nowadays is soul killing anyway.  I regularly watch American Idol with my daughters. That’s it.

5. Limit web surfing. It is so easy to web surf like mindlessly turning television channels. If you find yourself diverting from your computer tasks because of the web, schedule yourself time to just surf.

6. Maintain a list of priorities by day, week and month. Schedule small tasks that you never seem to get around to that are important.

7. Remove distraction. I use a kitchen timer and close myself off to the rest of the world for a given period to remain focused.

8. Break the procrastination habit. Procrastination presumes that there will always be time to get something done, which creates time debt. This is a faulty assumption given that you don’t know the future. When you are not motivated to do something, force yourself to spend 30 minutes just getting started. If you are like me, you will into the task and are likely finish it.

9.Medicate. Most of us do with this caffeine, but too much interrupts sleep. One company I wrote about tracked the lost productivity from allergies and found that employees who take allergy medication are more productive. Do you get depressed a lot? Seek help and consider life-style changes before medicating. Chronic pain is also hard on the body and mind.

Don’t ignore your body! See a doctor to see if you have an underlying condition.

4 thoughts on “Annmarie’s 9 Habits of Highly Efficient (or Productive) People

  1. talesfromthecorners says:

    Great list. I would like to say that if you stick with your “Favorites” list on the Web, you will get the salient info that you need for the day and then move on. Resist exploring related sites – yes, easier said that done. The best exercise is taking those shoes and getting outdoors for walking, running, biking, hiking. There’s just too much to do getting into and out of a gym on a daily basis. I agree with you on TV, but if you must, visit HLN in the daytime since you get news and info that you can use in a short amount of time. Skip FOX and MS unless you desire eye and ear candy. I like the idea of purging papers like old receipts.

  2. Charles Wasilewski says:

    I use Dropbox to automatically back up files as they are saved, as you point out in point 3. That means I have my files even if my computer crashes. Plus it saves time. You get free space then more space when other people sign up. Sign up is here:

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