Workers’ Compensation Predictive Modeling

My article on workers’ compensation predictive modeling was just posted by Contingencies, the magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries (

It demonstrates how predictive modeling is changing everything from how policies are being written to how it can help injured workers receive the care they deserve after a work-related injury or occupational illness.

Personally, I am excited about the topic, which is why I suggested it. My special thanks go to Curtis Gary Dean, professor at Ball State University, Peter Wu of Deloitte Consulting, Brian Stoll of Towers Watson, Rong Yi of Milliman and Janine Johnson of Insurance Services Office Inc. Without their consistent availability, the article could not have been written!

Predictive modeling is the wave of the future in workers’ compensation! Ultimately, predictive modeling will affect our lives in various ways. Please check it out! Thanks! — Annmarie

5 thoughts on “Workers’ Compensation Predictive Modeling

  1. Janine Johnson says:

    Very nice article. It presents a realistic picture of the challenges that workers’ comp carriers face and clearly outlines how predictive modeling can help. Very thorough and informative.

  2. Ian says:

    Good article. I am an actuary and work for a company that collects alot of disability and workers comp data. Is there one course or book on predictive modelling that you or the article contributors would suggest as an introduction but would provide useable skills/knowledge?


    • annmariecommunicatesinsurance says:

      Thank you Ian. I am not aware of any books. Predictive modeling is emerging in so many areas and I think everyone is still figuring it out as they go along. I am writing another piece on predictive modeling for another publication and it occurred to me that there should be a book. I could write it. Also, I am thinking of starting an organization focused on this emerging field. Sorry about not being helpful on recommending a book.

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