Social Media by the Numbers

Half of Americans believe Facebook is a fad, according to an Associated Press and CNBC. (

Keeping in mind that there are lies, damn lies, and statistics, I am sharing other social media “facts” I find interesting.

15.5: The average amount of hours people spend on Facebook monthly. (Some fad.)

161 million: Number of professionals using LinkedIn.

173 million: Number of bloggers

70: Maximum number of headline characters for search engine optimization (SEO).

27: Number of characters for this blog’s heading

140: Maximum number of characters for a Tweet.

140: Maximum number of characters for the LinkedIn status field.

420: Maximum number of characters for a Facebook post

27: Number of times a person needs to see a brand message to recognize it

36 percent: Number of social media users who post brand-related content.

24 to 30: Word limit for sentence readibility.

30: Average amount of hours Americans spend online per month.

350 to 500 words: Optimal blog length for SEO.

As short as possible: Optimal blog length for readers.

Length of this blog: 145 words

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