LinkedIn’s Top 5 % Most Viewed LinkedIn Profile Complaints: What’s the Big Deal?

linkedin+can+help_1844_800715221_0_0_14009585_300I am not an apologist for LinkedIn, but really, people need to lighten up about LinkedIn’s recent “Top 5 (or 1) % Most Viewed LinkedIn Profile”  complaints.

So many bloggers are complaining about LinkedIn‘s obvious marketing campaign. But I think it’s kinda fun.

LinkedIn supports the marketing efforts of those looking to boost their careers and brand image, and for most of us, for free. Through it, I have expanded my network, boosted name recognition and attracted potential customers.

So what if the company wants to sell more premium services. Hello…LinkedIn is a business. Private enterprise is fueled by the profit motive. It is not unusual for businesses (or drug dealers for that matter) to provide free services or information to lure in potential customers.

In fact, providing quality content for free is the main strategy for attracting customers via social media.

Besides getting a grip, people also need to quit operating under the delusion that their social media contributions belong solely to them. I am not a copyright attorney, but  I remember from journalism school that anything you write (even a letter) is a form of publishing. If people got this they would be more careful with what they write.

They might also be more realistic about the give-and-take of a free service.

And while millions are on the list, there are likely to be a few in your industry. I am glad to see people I know who made the list. It’s another hint for determining my industry’s potential influencers.

Finally, I also appreciate the marketing genius behind the campaign. Whether this marketing campaign aggravates you or not, it accomplished a main goal of social media. It got us to engage!

5 thoughts on “LinkedIn’s Top 5 % Most Viewed LinkedIn Profile Complaints: What’s the Big Deal?

  1. Jim Griffin says:


    Linkiedin’s marketing campaign was a topic yesterday at a meeting of professionals looking for employment. Nicely written and right on! I did feel special for a second or two knowing that I was so important!!

    Jim Griffin

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