If You Have Mesothelioma, Lawyers Are Available to Help

Yesterday a blogger named Barbara O’Brien contacted me and requested that I run her blog on mesothelioma.

I don’t know Barbara, but I did read her blog, which describes an executive who knowingly sent workers in harm’s way to make a buck. We all hate cases like this and want to see the book thrown at this guy.

The blog post, which ran on the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog, is part of Mesothelioma.com, which is supported by a law firm that represents employees suffering from this terrible lung disease. If you want to check out her blog, please click here.

It’s a great website, filled with tools and support for suffers of mesothelioma. But it seems to be missing some important information injured workers should know that I covered in a two-part series called, Workers Need to Know the Real Truth about Workers’ Compensation.” 

Injured workers might consider filing for workers’ compensation benefits directly as an attorney is not necessary to file for benefits. Two, injured workers might also consider asking attorneys up front how much of their benefit amount the attorneys will receive.

If I was an injured worker, I would like know that.

Just saying….

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