Congress Requires Trucker Safety Study

Should truckers be required to sleep two nights in a row — but end up driving during rush hour — or one night to avoid it?  This question has become controversial enough for Congress, through passage of the Cromnibus bill in December, to require the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to take another look. My article, “Congress Mandates Suspension and Study of Hours of Service Rules for Truckers,” published yesterday in the AmWINS Groups’ Client Advisory, takes an objective look at an issue. The article also provides a detailed look at the study based on the legislative language in the bill. I hope you will take a look.

3 thoughts on “Congress Requires Trucker Safety Study

  1. dmillerymd says:


    Congrats on a very interesting article. I spent the lion share of my life living in a major trucking hub in NJ. One of the safety initiatives started many years ago was opening an auto only section on the NJ turnpike. It saved lives, no doubt.

    Trucker fatigue is a major safety problem but driving during rush hour has the potential to make matters worse. Interested to see how this issue gets resolved.

    Truckers do need sleep and the public needs safer roads.

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