Basically, if it needs to be written, Lipold Communications can handle it. Our firm has handled just about everything in the media, marketing and communications worlds. If you have questions, please contact Annmarie Geddes Baribeau at

Blogging: You know your company should have a blog but it is just another thing to add to the “to do” list. Lipold Communications can research great topics and learn your voice so your blog reads like you wrote it. When you consider the time it takes to write a thoughtful blog, you probably could be billing out much more than what it will cost you to pay a writer. Want to learn more about blogging? Check out the “blogging” section of this site.

Media Relations: We are former journalists who know Associated Press style and the inverted pyramid in our sleep. We know what editors want and need. We can assist your company with ghost writing and editing and placing an article in the right publication that will build credibility and reach your audience. And of course, we also know how to build media and key influencers lists. We can handle any media request and are especially knowledgeable with insurance media. Lipold Communications has written tons of news releases. We also build multi-media lists, follow up with reporters and track results. We help our clients publish articles.

Web Writing: You need to reach your reader and get your message out in seconds. Reporters use the inverted pyramid style to share news in the first couple of paragraphs. Your web page might not even get that much reader time! Our web writing uses the inverted pyramid style up a notch! Your web readers will get the point –quickly.

Social Media: We can provide content and the strategy behind reaching your audiences through social media.

Technical Editing: Lipold Communications LLC has helped several clients transform technical subjects into readable articles, reports and research for the layperson. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Actuarial
  • Property/Casualty Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Human Resources
  • Absence management
  • Risk management and occupational safety
  • Medical
  • Legal

Business Plans: Lipold Communications can write, edit, and research your business plan so it will be useable for executives and employees.

Marketing Communication Plans: We can help you set your goals, explore strategies and develop tactics to help you reach them.

Speeches: Lipold Communications has written compelling speeches for state legislators and executives.

Marketing Surveys: We have written surveys, interviewed potential and current clients and conducted research to ensure our clients know their audiences and their needs.

Value Propositions: You need a value proposition to showcase what makes your company unique compared to your competitors. We have written them for various organizations.

Intelligence Gathering: Want to know more about what your competitors are doing?  Need someone to follow a piece of legislation or news? Considering a new market niche? Lipold Communications can be your companies eyes and hears.

Advertising: We have experience with national, local and electronic ads. But we don’t want your company to waste money.

So first, we will ask you about your ultimate goals. Then we assess if advertising is worth the investment. Besides writing advertising copy, but we also guide advertising design. The readers of Best’s Review in 2008 voted one of the ads we wrote and helped design as one of the most effective. Want to see the ad? Just ask by sending an email to

We have saved clients money by effectively negotiating optimal pricing and placement. We can also handle purchasing ads, and managaging advertising placement and schedules.

So we’ll tell you if your current ad or concept is effective and can guide advertising design. And don’t forget electronic ads: Lipold Communications encouraged one actuarial firm to purchase electronic ads by developing relationship with PCI Smartbrief and NAMIC Online. Then we worked out the contract, managed ad calendar and ad placement for 60 placements, wrote about 30 fresh ads annually. Then we  evaluated ad “hits” and reviewed and made recommendations on monthly reports.

Brochures: We do not write puff pieces, but brochures that are useful by covering what potential clients want to know.